Our Farmersleft

We take great pride in sourcing our meat from knowledgeable local farmers who farm with great care for the animals, the soil, and for the farm workers. In most cases, Link Lab owners Nick and Sara Jones has visited the farms and met with farmers to see and learn about the animal breeds, their diets, the living conditions, and the slaughter experience. All of this matters to the quality of our sausage, and all of this matters to our company.

While this list of suppliers will grow, here are some of the farms and ranches we are thrilled to be working with:

Creviston Valley Farms (Longbranch, WA)

Feliz Farm (Kings County, WA)

Martini Livestock (Concrete, WA)

Silvies Valley Ranch (Oregon)

Tails and Trotters (pigs raised in Ephrata, WA)


If you raise livestock and sell meat, be sure to see the Products and Services page to learn about “Farmer Co-Packing Collaboration” and how Link Lab Artisan Meats can work with you to produce value-added fine sausage for you to sell at farmers markets. Let us turn your beautiful meat into a fine sausage for your customers to enjoy.