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Hello Link Lab friends,

I am thrilled to announce that Link Lab Artisan Meats will continue business under new ownership. Our longtime customer Jones Family Farm is now the new owner of Link Lab, and they will be running the show from this point forward. Owners Sara and Nick Jones have been providing Seattle with some of the most amazing local fish, seafood, and meats for several years now, and they are now incorporating Link Lab’s sausage into their domain of fine food production and distribution. I will be directly involved in the transition and training to ensure that Jones Family Farm understands the unique sausage-making technique and identical Link Lab recipes that all of you have been so supportive of. It will take a few weeks to get the new Link Lab facility back up to full production speed, but we are all excited to see the brand and the great products continue to be sold to restaurants and retail shops. Link Lab’s potential for growth is so strong, and the Jones Family Farm is in a great position to take this company to great places.

You can always contact me directly at if you have any questions. And I hope you will reach out to the new owners Sara and Nick to congratulate them and to continue supporting Link Lab Artisan Meats. The current email for Link Lab orders and questions is

Here’s a bit more of an introduction directly from Sara and Nick, the new owners of Link Lab Artisan Meats.


Dear Link Lab Customers, Suppliers and Friends,

We are Nick and Sara Jones of Jones Family Farms on Lopez Island.  Over the past twelve years we have produced and distributed a variety of Island Grown meats, shellfish, and local seafood to stores and restaurants from Bellingham to Tacoma and in San Juan County.  We have done business with Link Lab since David first began the business and have been delighted to find a processor whose practices respected the quality of our meats.

Finding high quality processing for small-producer meats is a real problem.  More than simply producing the best sausage on the market, Link Lab served as the best example we know of a downstream business that maintains the integrity and ethos of the farm-to-table philosophy.  Partners and processors such as Link Lab are critical infrastructure to the success and survival of small producers in the Puget Sound.  David stands as a pioneer in the industry in his unstinting commitment to quality, innovation and collaboration.

When David announced he intended to close Link Lab, we decided that we could not let such a good thing go.  As we dug deeper we found more points of confluence, for instance, the efficient and well located Link Lab plant will now provide a Seattle foothold for our mainland operations and for other Island producers as well.

We are delighted to inform you that effective immediately we are processing Link Lab Recipes in the Link Lab facility, with long-time, excellent Link Lab employee George Petrich.  Orders will be handled through our existing sales force, Ivan Brown, Paul Angel, Amelia Kent and Sara Jones.  We look forward to rekindling the relationships David forged with you-all.  We also look forward to exploring new frontiers in artisanal meats including new sausage recipes, smoked and cured meats and other forms of charcuterie.

We are deeply grateful to David for forging such a necessary path in the Puget Sound food scene and deeply grateful to him for allowing us to build on his foundation.

—Nick and Sara Jones

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