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Sales to Restaurants

Link Lab Artisan Meats sells sausage directly to restaurants who share our enthusiasm for delicious sausage made from meat sourced from local farmers who take great care raising their animals.

While our list of customers continues to grow, here are some of the businesses who cook with and sell Link Lab Artisan Meats products:

If your business would like to offer our sausage products, please contact sausage@linklabartiscanmeats.com to inquire about orders.

Sausage Varieties

Sausage making is a creative culinary process. At Link Lab, we continuously develop, test, and produce sausage recipes that satisfy everyone ranging from traditionalists (Italian sausage) to those with a more adventurous palette (Chipotle-Tequila sausage). Here is a partial list of sausages we have produced and sold recently:


Pork Sausage

Mild Italian: A classic and familiar sausage. We add a bit of white wine, rosemary, and freshly toasted fennel to really set this one apart from the crowd.

Hot Italian: Same bright flavors as our mild Italian with a touch more heat to give it a nice warm bite.

Savory Breakfast Sausage: Just the right amount of spices to get your mornings started. This sausage has all of the expected flavors of ginger, sage, and coriander with the gentle nudge of black and red peppers.

Pure Maple Breakfast Sausage: We take our savory breakfast sausage formulation and add in rich pure maple syrup to give this breakfast sausage sweetness only achieved with the magical touch of pure maple syrup.

Juniper Garlic: A simple and clean sausage with floral notes from the juniper and a slight bite from the garlic highlighted with a bit of brandy.

Lemon Thyme: A very unique link – this sausage has an incredible brightness and pop to it. With fresh lemon zest, a touch of pepper, and a clean herbaceous note from the thyme, this sausage is a shoe-in for seafood pairings and many more delicate items that others sausages don’t dare to go.

Shiitake Sage: Uuumami. This sausage captures the amazing earthiness and flavors of the popular shiitake accompanied by the unmistakable uniqueness of sage

Fremont Beer Brats: Fremont Brewing’s Universal Pale Ale is the backbone to this classic bratwurst that balances a slight heat of white pepper with the smooth sweetness of agave syrup. The perfect link for grilling out with, well, a nice cool locally brewed beverage of choice.

Stout & Cheddar Bratwurst: A link lab shop favorite. Lots of bold flavors go into this bratwurst including chunks of hickory smoked cheddar cheese. We couldn’t get enough delicious Fremont Brewery’s Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout into this one, so we decided to reduce the beer before adding it to the recipe. Does that make this a double Imperial??

Jalapeno Cheddar: If you love the great taste of a fresh jalapeno but are not ready for the heat associated with taking a bite out of one, give this sausage a try. Fresh-diced jalapenos stud this sausage alongside chunks of cheddar cheese to give you plenty of flavor and just a touch of the heat.

Chipotle Tequila: A nice warming smoky heat of chipotle with the sharp bite of tequila. Try this one with some grilled onions, warm tortilla and a bit of queso fresco

Chorizo: This spicy Spanish staple combines the heat and unique characteristics of New Mexican chili, African cayenne, and smoked paprika with toasted cumin and Mexican oregano.

Roasted Garlic Black Pepper: The rich caramelized sweetness of a deep roasted garlic cut with the sharp bite of cracked pepper.

Ghost Chili & Scotch Bonnet: If you like it hot, this is the one. Both scotch bonnet and ghost chili peppers lend a boot to kick this sausage to a blistering level without overpowering the pork and other flavors.

Linguica: A delicious Portuguese-style pork sausage seasoned with garlic, and smoked paprika. Perfect for hearty soups or to add depth and flavor to beans and braised greens. Delicious on its own as well.

Chicken Sausages

Award Winning Chicken Breakfast: Another award winner at the American Royal BBQ competition. This chicken sausage is just as comfortable on a grill, in a smoker, or a cast iron pan with some eggs. Although its name says breakfast, this sausage can be a great non-pork stand-in at any meal.

Brandy Apple: This apple sausage is a nice departure from the bland and boring chicken sausages you find on so many grocery shelves. Kicked up a bit with brandy and white wine and smoothed out with rosemary, sage, and just a hint of brown sugar sweetness.

Spicy Curry: A must try, green and black cardamom along with fenugreek top the charts on this flavor packed curry sausage. If there is a limit on how much flavor you can pack into one sausage, this one is really pushing it. Makes for a great addition to potato salad.

Sun Dried Tomato Chicken: Flavor packed sun dried tomatoes are softened with white wine before joining a mixture of herbs and spices including sweet tarragon, basil leaves, and cracked black pepper.

Other Meats

Lamb Merguez: A bold dose of smoked paprika, New Mexican chili pepper, oregano, and red wine pack this lamb link with a lot of complex flavors. This sausage adds depth and character to any dish – but you may want to just eat it just as it is, in all of its majesty.

Rosemary Garlic Lamb: If a nice slowly roasted leg of lamb sounds good to you, then look no further than this sausage. We combine ample amounts of chopped fresh rosemary with the peppery bite of fresh garlic to send this lamb over the top. Smoothed out with a touch of red wine, this link will let you taste the quality lamb in every bite.

Cognac Raisin Lamb: Possibly our most decadent link to date. We soak flavor packed sweet raisins in a deep aged cognac brandy. We combine those with slowly caramelized red onions to give this sausage depth some won’t believe.

Rosemary Pepper Turkey: We simulate the unforgettable nuances of a succulent roast just pulled from the oven in this full flavored, low fat link. By toasting black pepper and introducing it to sage, rosemary and white wine, we elevate the bird that nearly ousted the bald eagle as our national symbol to its proper podium.

Pepper Beef: A savory classic beef sausage flavored with fresh ground pepper. A must try for any steak or hamburger lover.

Cured Items

Cora’s Bacon: Link Lab’s founder developed this recipe which quickly became his daughter’s (Cora) favorite and you’ll taste why. We do not add nitrites or nitrates to the bacon, and cure it only with natural vegetable based ingredients. The bacon is not smoked, but rather gets its smoky characteristics from Lapsang Souchong, a black tea from the Fujian province of China famous for its smoky aroma and flavor.

For more variety options, contact sausage@linklabartisanmeats.com.

Farmer “Co-Packing” Collaboration

Many farmers and ranchers want to add fine sausage to their farmer’s market meat offerings. This can only be done with sausage produced by a USDA inspected and approved facility, and Link Lab is a great solution. We can work with farmers to develop pork, lamb, beef, or poultry sausage recipes unique to their farms. Or we can use one of our own well-tested recipes to create a compelling, well-balanced artisan sausage for you to sell at market.

Custom Recipe Development

We love working with customers to create or recreate old family recipes. Whether you have a specific recipe, or just a partial recollection of an amazing sausage eaten in your past, let us help identify the flavors and rebuild the recipe and the sausage.


Customers can receive Link Lab Sausages anywhere in the continental US. Product is packed frozen in a cold shipper package priority 2-3 days. If you are a restaurant or retail store, please contact sausage@linklabartisanmeats.com for pricing and details on how to ship sausage anywhere in the United States.