Gift Boxes

  • Sausage of the Month

    Receive 1 sausage per month for 12 months. This is a great sampler box that lasts all year!
    1 lb (2 pkgs) of a different variety each month
    Varieties: Rabbit, Duck, 2 types of Chicken, 5 types of Pork, Beef, Lamb, Turkey
    $15.00/lb x 12 months + shipping
    $180 + shipping

  • Sausage Lovers Favorite

    Order your favorite-you know best!
    Choice of 1 variety of sausage
    2 lbs (4 pkgs)
    $14.50/lb + shipping

  • Staff Pick Best Deal!

    Can’t decide? Try a sampling of our favorites.
    3 varieties x 2 pkgs each (brat link sausages)
    3 lbs (6 pkgs)
    $14.00/lb + shipping

  • Grill Masters

    Our pork sausage best sellers. Perfect for the grill.
    3 varieties, 1 lb each (6 pkgs)
    Choose one:
    HOT PACK – Chipotle Tequila, Hot Italian, & Scotch Bonnet Ghost Chili brat link sausages
    MILD PACK – Beer Brat, Shiitake Sage, & Mild Italian brat link sausages
    $14.50/lb + Shipping

  • Lean Choice

    Chicken, rabbit & lamb brat link sausages. These leaner meats offer a delicious new way to eat your sausage.
    3 types x 2 pkg each (6 pkgs)
    $14.75/lb + shipping

  • Breakfast Anytime

    Morning, Noon or Night, It’s always a good time for breakfast.

    2 Breakfast links (1 lb)
    2 Bacon (2x ½ lb pkg)
    1 bulk Rosemary Sage Breakfast pkg (non linked)
    3 lbs total
    $14.00/ lb + shipping

  • Sausage Makers Kit

    Curious to try your hand a home sausage making? This kit will get you started.
    5 lbs of ground pork
    1 spice mix package
    Brat sized casings
    Recipe and instructions
    Not included: liquids
    A choice of 3 varieties: Chipotle Tequila, Shiitake Sage, Hot Italian or Beer Brat
    With or without an apron. Inquire about price.

  • Gift Certificate

    Can’t decide?
    $20, $50, $100 certificates

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Retail Sales

Consumers can buy Link Lab sausages directly from the following retailers:

  • Blossom Grocery, Lopez Island
  • South End General Store, Lopez Island
  • San Juan Food Coop, San Juan Island
  • Country Corner, Orcas Island
  • Orcas Food Coop, Orcas Island

Sales to Restaurants

Link Lab Artisan Meats sells sausage directly to restaurants who share our enthusiasm for delicious sausage made from meat sourced from local farmers who take great care raising their animals.

While our list of customers continues to grow, here are some of the businesses who cook with and sell Link Lab Artisan Meats products:

If your business would like to offer our sausage products, please contact to inquire about orders.

Sausage Varieties

Sausage making is a creative culinary process. At Link Lab, we continuously develop, test, and produce sausage recipes that satisfy everyone ranging from traditionalists (Italian sausage) to those with a more adventurous palette (Chipotle-Tequila sausage). Here is a partial list of sausages we have produced and sold recently:

sausage Chorizo: Two different types of paprika and several kinds of chili peppers give this pork chorizo sausage complexity without too much heat.

sausage Jalapeno Pork Sausage: Bright fresh pepper flavors without the burning heat. This is has quickly become a customer favorite.

sausage Fremont Beer Brats: Inspired by memories of the bratwurst eaten in the midwest, Link Lab has taken this classic football-weekend sausage and put our own twist on it. Along with marjoram and mustard seed, Fremont Brewing Company’s Universal Pale Ale is a key ingredient in this sausage. Not spicy, and very kid friendly sausage.

sausage Vintner’s Bratwurst: Infused with Montepulciano, this savory sausage is not at all spicy but features layered notes of white pepper, cardamom, marjoram, and a few other spices that highlight the wine and hold all the flavors together.

sausage Juniper-Garlic: With juniper berry, sage, thyme, and a healthy splash of cognac, this French-styled sausage is perfect for Cassoulet.

sausage Beef-Pepper Links: Grass-fed beef flavors are complemented (but not overshadowed) by pepper, garlic, mustard seed, and mace.

sausage Rosemary Lamb: If you’re going to use great lamb in a sausage, you deserve to taste the lamb. Pepper, wine, garlic, and rosemary are used sparingly so as not to hide any of the lamb’s magic.

sausage For a complete list of available varieties, contact

Farmer “Co-Packing” Collaboration

Many farmers and ranchers want to add fine sausage to their farmer’s market meat offerings. This can only be done with sausage produced by a USDA inspected and approved facility, and Link Lab is a great solution. We can work with farmers to develop pork, lamb, beef, or poultry sausage recipes unique to their farms. Or we can use one of our own well-tested recipes to create a compelling, well-balanced artisan sausage for you to sell at market.

Contact for more information.

Custom Recipe Development

We love working with customers to create or recreate old family recipes. Whether you have a specific recipe, or just a partial recollection of an amazing sausage eaten in your past, let us help identify the flavors and rebuild the recipe and the sausage.

Contact for more information.


Customers can receive Link Lab Sausages anywhere in the continental US. Product is packed frozen in a cold shipper package priority 2-3 days. If you are a restaurant or retail store, please contact for pricing and details on how to ship sausage anywhere in the United States.


1. T-shirts ($18 all tax included)
2. Baby Onesies ($15 all tax included)
3. Aprons ($15 all tax included)